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To Wear:
Open or fold the wings gently while holding onto the center of the cardboard base.
Do not pull on the feathers.
Open the wings to flat position, having the side with straps facing you, then bend the wings away from you to achieve an open effect.
Fold the wings to the position you want first, then put the shoulder straps on. If the straps are too long, loop and tie the extra length to small knots and hide under arms. If the straps are too short or you want to wrap them around your chest instead, cut the straps and add extension.
When folding the wings, make sure you leave some flat space between the left and right wing, so it provides a strong base for balance to prevent tip over of the wings.
For baby size wings, you may fold the wings and hide the straps in between, then place them on a sleeping baby's back for a newborn photo shoot. They are great photographic props, but you will need to work with them to achieve great photo effects.

To Care:
Wings should be placed in their original packaging after use to prevent dust or damage.
Use light brush to clean. Do not use water.

To Repair:
Use clear craft glue to reattach loose feather or marabou down.
If feather tip is rough, brittle, or broken, trim the edges with a scissor for a refined look.

To Alter:

You may add or replace feathers on the wings.
Color dye or paint is not recommended for finished wings. The humidity in color dye will damage the cardboard base while paint will cause feathers to clutter.
You may add shoulder harness or incorporate the wings to a costume.
If you need to separate the left and right wing, do not tear. Use a cutter for the embedded iron wires.


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